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October 2023


October is a great time to book our popular one-hour tour, Revolting Philly!


Written for kids ages 8 and up, Revolting Philly explores the gross side of life in the Colonial era. Learn about smallpox, leeches, personal hygiene and more.


"The perfect mix of entertaining, historical, and gross. If you’re thinking of going on a ghost tour, do this instead!" - Visitor


Book in the evening or the daytime. Click here to read more about Revolting Philly!

Independence Hall at dusk - Photo copyright Second Story Tours

During the American Revolution, Indigenous People found themselves stuck between two enemies. In the beginning, the Six Nations (an alliance of six tribes in New York state), tried to stay out of the fight. But as the War drew closer, they were forced to make a decision.


Most tribes sided with the British, but some, including the Oneida and Tuscarora, chose to join the Americans.


Learn more about Indigenous People at the Museum of the American Revolution's Indigenous Peoples' Weekend. See traditional Haudenosaunee dancers, watch the Oneida film, The People of the Standing Stone, make a wampum belt, and more.

October 9 - 11 at the Museum of the American Revolution.

October is National Book Month

Nathan Hale Hazardous Tales One Dead Spy.png

Looking for great books for your students that make history fun and accessible? Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales are a series of books created to make history more exciting for kids. This best-selling series of graphic novels covers all kinds of historical topics including the Underground Railroad, trench warfare during World War I, spies like Nathan Hale, and more.


Great for ages 8 to 12. Click here to see the Amazon listing.

Whitemarsh Encampment at Hope Lodge

In 1777 after the Battle of Germantown, George Washington's defeated army camped in Whitemarsh, Pennsylvania near Hope Lodge before departing for their long winter stay in Valley Forge.


This November 4 from 10am to 4pm, visit Historic Hope Lodge for a family-friendly event commemorating the encampment, including colonial crafts, food trucks, historic brews, military demonstration and more. Click here to learn more!


Early Bird Pricing Until 11/30!


Don't wait! Book your field trip to Revolutionary Philadelphia by November 30th to lock in our Early Bird rates!


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Indigenous Peoples' Day

Photo copyright Second Story Tours


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